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Helminth Infection - from Transmission to Control
7-8 December 2017
The Swiss TPH Winter Symposium 2017 invites medical parisitologists, infection biologists, epidemiologists and global health specialists and students to review and discuss progress in research, control, elimination and eradication of helminth infections.
Swiss Symposium in Point-of-care Diagnostics 2017
26 Octobre 2017
The evolution of diagnostic testing at point-of-care (POC) has been naturally propelled forward by the ongoing progress taking place in key fields such as molecular and bioanalytical sciences, where advancements in device miniaturization, and information and communications technology (ICT) have become essential. However, what are the limits to this decentralized and seemingly boundary-less testing? How can new technological possibilities be reconciled with clinical utility and organizational aspects, as well as with economic constraints and regulatory requirements?
This Symposium brings together stakeholders from medicine, industry, public and research institutions to discuss opportunities and challenges along the road to innovative and new POC diagnostic products.
Actualités du Pharo 2017
04-06 Octobre 2017
En 2017, le thème de la 23ème édition porte sur Le financement de la santé dans les pays à ressources limitées et sur les arboviroses au Nord et au Sud.
Principale conférence francophone de médecine tropicale, ce rendez-vous annuel des Actualités du Pharo est une nouvelle fois l'occasion d'une rencontre entre professionnels de la santé tropicale et de la santé internationale pour le développement.
22 - 23 June 2017
ICPIC provides a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the prevention of healthcare-associated infection and control of antimicrobial resistance around the world.
3rd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices
10-12 May 2017
Medical devices are indispensable for health care delivery but their selection, regulation and use present enormous challenges, the 3rd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices is to be presented 10 years later to discuss the achievements that have been made in the field and the enormous challenges in low and middle income countries. This will also serve as an opportunity to share the WHO EMP strategy in the framework of Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.