Award Anne Maurer Cecchini

The Anne Maurer-Cecchini Foundation was created in memory of Anne Maurer-Cecchini who had chosen to devote herself to research on neglected tropical diseases that mainly or exclusively affect poor populations living in tropical areas.

The purpose of this state-approved foundation, created in Aubonne (Canton of Vaud, Switzerland) in 2009, is to support research on neglected tropical diseases by rewarding, in principle every 2 years, a clinical or epidemiological research project carried out on these diseases, in order to enable its continuation.

For more information : Fondation Anne Maurer Cecchini


17 applications of high quality were addressed this year. Two awards of CHF 20'000.- each were attibuted :


Hector H. Garcia and al de Lima, Pérou for their article entitled "Elimination of Taenia solium Transmission in Northern Peru" :
In this remarkable research work that lasted more than 10 years, the authors evaluated a series of interventions focussing on both humans and pigs (mass treatment and vaccination) that led to the interruption of transmission of taenia solium in more than 100 villages of North-West Peru, where neurocysticercosis is a major public health problem.
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Victor Kande Betu Ku Mesu and al for their outstanding randomized control trial entitled "Oral fexinidazole for late-stage African Trypanosoma brucei gambiense trypanosomiasis: a pivotal multicentre, randomised, non-inferiority trial" : 
In this trial conducted in remote rural areas of Democratic Republic of Congo, the authors showed that oral fexinidazole was an effective and safe treatment of advanced stage sleeping sickness. Such an oral treatment was awaited from several decades and should facilitate the implementation of the WHO current strategy to eliminate sleeping sickness as a public health problem.
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The awards had been delivered during the closing session of the Geneva Health Forum April 12, 2018.