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TDR has published its first report assessing its fairness in research

TDR has published a report assessing its fairness in research contracting and processes according to new measures developed by the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED). The Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) is designed to promote and validate responsible and fair practices in international collaborative research and innovation for health. See the report : TDR […]


The GHF is pleased to host Blusense Diagnostics – a company infused with innovation, committed to providing affordable and accurate blood testing for flaviviruses diagnostics. Blusense pioneers in bio-sensing products based in micro and nanotechnologies, a primary example being the BluBox. It is a single-blood-drop-of-blood diagnostic which currently tests for Dengue and Zika. Unique features include its quick […]

FIND launches SIMplicity

Yesterday the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and Telecom26 AG announced the launch of a digital connectivity service for the global health community. SIMplicity global SIM cards aim to replace the pay-as-you-go-system, which is often unreliable and also unsecured. SIMplicity offers many benefits, such as: pre-negotiated contracts, lower pre-negotiated rates and enhanced management controls – […]

AI as a powerful tool for biological data

“Deep-learning algorithms take raw features from an extremely large, annotated data set, such as a collection of images or genomes, and use them to create a predictive tool based on patterns buried inside”. Read more here:

The Ethics of MISST

Mobile imagining, pervasive sensing, social media and location tracking (MISST) tools have raised many ethical challenges. Such tools produce personal health data, which due to their sheer volume and granularity may not be subject to policies such as the Health Information Portability and Accessibility Act. The big question for institutional review boards regarding MISST remains […]

Precision Epidemic Forecasting

Precision Epidemic Forecasting aims to answer the ambitious call of the National Centre for Competence in Research (NCCR) set out by the Swiss Scientific National Foundation.  The Centre for Precision Epidemic Forecasting aims to propel forecasting and nowcasting into the future by integrating digital technologies in global health, rooted in a unique synergy between life […]

La Sembox pour créer un wifi local au service de la formation

La SEMBOX est issu du projet « pirate box » : c’est un petit routeur qui, branché à une prise, génère un réseau wifi local. La SEMBOX fonctionne sans Internet. Les élèves qui se trouvent à proximité de la SEMBOX se connectent au réseau wifi émis. Ils ont alors accès à une série de service […]

Photovoice, un projet de photographie participative au Népal sera présenté au Geneva Health Forum

Ma santé, mon histoire Photovoice, un projet de photographie participative au Népal Venez rencontrer la réalisatrice du projet, Sophie Inglin Leur trajectoire a été marquée par l’avènement d’une affection largement répandue dans le pays, le prolapsus utérin. Cette pathologie invalidante présente de nombreuses conséquences physiques et psychiques et demeure un enjeu majeur de santé publique […]