Expo 3 : [e]Wasted

 Connected electronic equipment challenging humankind and evolution


As a marine litter collector with a hoarding obsession for washed ashore plastics, Vanessa Balci, is turning trash into “trashure” to reflect on our human condition in this Age of consumerism-gone-crazy. Her collages are exclusively made of plastic marine debris. The conceptual aesthetic approach forbids her to modify their shape, size and color. She uses each idiosyncratic piece of trash as she finds it on the shore. The challenge is to refuse the debris as such, reveal the innermost beauty of each piece and upcycle it into colourful and stimulating art.

For the first time and for the GHF, the self-made “Plastiqueuse” is tackling e-waste. The volume of discarded electronic devices generated worldwide, whether out of order or outdated and tossed away on a whim, climbed to 65 million tons this year. 6 millions of which are mismanaged and disappear into … thin air …or the ocean?

[e]Wasted by Vanessa Balci is an allegory of the pervasive influence of these must-have tools in our day-to-day professional and social life, blurring the lines between reality and virtuality. The 16 square meter piece acknowledges the undeniable technical, social, cultural advantages of digital tools, but at the same time it aims at raising awareness on the adverse human health and social effects due to their abuse and the hidden dangers of their manufacturing, resource extraction and waste processing, causing harmful environmental damages and pollutions that in time jeopardize our own sustainability on the planet and reveal our extreme vulnerability as a self-destructive species.


Partners Organizations:

  • La Plastiqueuse, Human & Environmental ART’ivist, France





  • Vanessa Balci : vanessabalci@gmail.com
  • Vanessa Balci sera présente au Geneva Health Forum assistée par Dupont Annabelle