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Public Health Genomics
Public Health Genomics is the leading international journal focusing on the timely translation of genome-based knowledge and technologies into public health, health policies, and healthcare as a whole. It is supplemented by topic-specific issues providing a comprehensive, holistic and ‘all-inclusive’ picture of the chosen subject. Multidisciplinary in scope, it combines theoretical and empirical work from a range of disciplines, notably public health, molecular and medical sciences, the humanities and social sciences. In so doing, it also takes into account rapid scientific advances from fields such as systems biology, microbiomics, epigenomics or information and communication technologies as well as the high potential of ‘big data’ for public health. The aim of Public Health Genomics is to facilitate a broad dialogue between academia, the private sector and government bodies.
Pathobiology offers a valuable platform for the publication of highquality original research into the mechanisms underlying human disease. Aiming to serve as a bridge between basic biomedical research and clinical medicine, the journal welcomes articles from scientific areas such as pathology, oncology, anatomy, virology, internal medicine, surgery, cell and molecular biology, and immunology. Published bimonthly, Pathobiology features original research papers and reviews on translational research. The journal offers the possibility to publish proceedings of meetings dedicated to one particular topic.
Biomedicine Hub
Biomedicine Hub is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed Open Access journal that aims to bring together high-quality basic, translational and clinical research as well as public global health issues across biomedical fields to focus on interdisciplinary work at the forefront of medicine. With the idea that more and more studies are interdisciplinary in nature, Biomedicine Hub aims at exchanging knowledge between the various disciplines, and thus at supporting the development of cutting-edge technologies and the improvement of health care.