Sessions parallèles

Thématique 1 : Système de santé

PS1-1 : Etraining and medical education, an leverage to restructure the health system
PS2-1 : New digital tools at the service of healthcare financing and UHC
PS3-1 : Global health security – Towards multisectoral collaborations to confront the increasing threat of vector-borne diseases
PS4-1 : Building interoperable and cost effective ICT systems fo health in low and middle income setting
PS5-1 : Moving through the dimensions: How to include vertical initiatives into efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage?

Thématique 2 : Soins de santé

PS1-2 : Insight into Ophthalmology in the Developing World: Now and the Future
PS2-2 : Are Neglected Tropical Diseases Affected by Ehealth?
PS3-2 : Technology for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: Can we rely on it for the future?
PS4-2 : Cancer in low and Middle income countries : time for action
PS5-2 : Innover en intégrant les soins des maladies infectieuses et chroniques en Afrique

Thématique 3 : Acteurs de la santé

PS1-3 : Citizen science, open science, Fab lab, Do it yourself… the new ways of innovation
PS2-3 : Patient partner at the age of the Ehealth
PS3-3 : Increasing fairness and impact of research partnerships
PS4-3 : Promote family medicine to strengthen the health care system
PS5-3 : Humanitarian action in the field – challenges and opportunities of a global workforce

Thématique 4 : Recherche et développement

PS1-4 : Adding digital power to research ethics review
PS2-4 : Big Data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, modelisation : examples and questions for health
PS3-4 : The “Where” of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
PS4-4 : Does the digital revolutionize access to knowledge?
PS5-4 : What research network to deal with outbreaks of emerging pathogens ?

Thématique 5 : Communication

PS1-5 : Ehealth : time for pilot is over
PS2-5 : The Science Flash Talk of the Swiss School of Pulbic Health +
PS3-5 : Serious game, virtual reality, simulation : disruptive tools for training, sensitization and care
PS4-5 : Space science and technologies to advance health-related sustainable development goals
PS5-5 : Telemedicine to fight against medical deserts