WS01 : Diabetes and E-Health solutions in resource-limited settings: gadgets or real opportunities for quality care?
WS02 : What digital tools to develop chronic wound care in resource-limited countries?
WS03 : Define a strategy to diagnose key gynecological pathologies in one day for a affordable price at a district hospital in Africa
WS04 : Noma, A Rare Tropical Disease in the Digital Age - Old Difficulties, New Tools?
WS05 : Making periodic protection accessible in resource-limited settings: a public health challenge
WS06 : The Data Revolution in Global Health: Time to Listen to the Revolutionaries
WS07 : Mental health: Do digital tools have an interest?
WS08: Community health workers and the digital revolution: how is it transforming healthcare?
WS09 : Cyberattack and hospital: what are the issues?
WS10 : Digital health and integration. About the example of HIV
WS11 : Promoting health in digital times
WS12 : Are we ready for the next emerging pandemic : Opportunity and challenges in the digital age