GHF 2018 Snapshot

Plenary session5 plenary sessions for all participants, involve a multi-sectoral panel and serve as the thematic backbone of the program. The plenary sessions introduce key conference topics and concepts, identify challenges of common interest and share controversial or innovative ideas that can feed subsequent conversations among delegates throughout the conference
Parallel session30 parallel sessions organized into six ranges of 5 parallel sessions during the 3 days forum. The quality of discussions and interaction is vital for participant satisfaction. GHF makes every effort to ensure that within each session frontline experiences are the starting point of discussion. These sessions are designed to allow participants to present their work, provide testimonies and country experiences as well as debates topics of interest
Breakfast sessionCoordinated at the request of interested organisations these morning sessions are designed to foster discussions and debates on specific or technical topics
Lunch sessionA limited number of program slots are made available for the private sector/philanthropic institutions to propose sessions and these are integrated and publicized within the conference program
Workshop10 working groups will discuss a specific issue in the six months preceding the GHF. The results of these working groups will be presented and discussed with the public at the GHF
Innovation areaA dynamic and interactive space facilitating exchanges with around 40 innovations presented to the public
Exhibition areaA fantastic opportunity for networking and extending discussions beyond the conference rooms. Organisations set up their exhibition booths in the dedicated area
Video spaceVideos, will allow to prolong the oral sessions and will present the work of the organizations present at the GHF
PosterA Poster session will allow to broaden the scope of the works and experiments presented. The posters will be selected following a call for abstracts which will take place from March to September 2017. The posters will also be presented online to increase their impact
Poster Young researchersA poster session dedicated to young researchers enrolled in master's or doctoral program. The posters will also be selected following a call for presentations
Networking dinerDuring the evening of Wednesday 11 April, social events on specific topic will be organized to promote networking between participants
GHF AwardAwards will be given to highlight the best research and initiatives
Opening ceremonyAn upscale evening reception on the opening night of the Geneva Health Forum
Closing ceremonyThe Closing Ceremony will celebrate achievements of the 7th edition of the GHF including the prize-giving
My research in 180 secondsThe competition "My Research in 180 seconds" will allow PhD students to present their research topic in simple terms to the GHF public. The public will vote to elect the best presentation
International conversationsThe Lunch Dialogues at the Geneva Health Forum bring together 15 key actors to discuss the topics that are at the forefront of the agenda
MOOC LiveAfter presenting short excerpts of a MOOC on a global health topic, participants will answer to simple quizzes.
As a result of this playful exercise, the public will debate the solutions proposed by the MOOC