Poster Young Researcher

CodeLastname (Main Author)Firstname (Main Author)Poster TitleCountryCompanyTopic
PYR_34_02LeeYew FongInnovations in Behavioral Change and Patient Safety to Improve Infection Prevention and Control– a World Health Organization ‘Clean Care is Safer Care’ ProjectMalaysia72, MJC Mutiara, Batu Kawah Newtownship,3.4. The health care actors
PYR_16_05KaboreLassaneEvaluation of the Recording of Routine Childhood Vaccination Data in Burkina FasoBurkina FasoAgence de Médecine Préventive1.6. Prevention
PYR_12_04AkahomePascalAccess to ARVs In Nigeria, challenges and solution.Nigeriaantiretroviral improved access initiative1.2. Access to health services, sustainable economic models - YR
PYR_33_02YongaPaulDeterminants of Loss to follow up (LTFU) among HIV-infected patients on first line antiretroviral therapy in a rural Kenyan setting: a case-control studyKenyaBaringo County Referral Hospital3.3. The engaged patient - YR
PYR_42_01PokharelHanoonHereditary gynecologic cancers in Nepal: A proposed model of care to serve high risk populations in developing countries.NepalBP Koiral Institute of Health Sciences4.2. Access and dissemination of knowledge - YR
PYR_15_03PokharelParasElectronic Health Literacy Skills among Medical and Dental Interns at B P Koirala Institute of Health SciencesNepalBP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences1.5. Digital epidemiology - YR
PYR_21_07PalchaudhuriRiyaRelative and total levels of CD64 and neutrophil elastase as biomarkers for detection of sepsisAustraliaBurnet Institute2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_21_04DorMarianneTears: a future vision for the biomarker discovery in medicine?SwitzerlandCentre Médical Universitaire2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_35_01JimenoKenneth Jim JosephHealth-Related Practices of Urban Migrant Workers in Metro Manila: Determinants and OutcomesPhilippinesDepartment of Health–Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau3.5. Other actors
PYR_44_04LinChi-HungIntegrated Development of Health Promotion cloud-based Mobile platform and Application (APP) in New Taipei CityTaiwanDepartment of Health, New Taipei City Government4.4. Research, development and sharing of precision health products - YR
PYR_25_03SunWan-NaDeterminates Of Decision-Conflict Among Health Care Proxy Of Lung Cancer Patients In Intensive Care UnitTaiwanDepartment of Nursing, National Cheng Kung University Hospital2.5. Safety and quality of care
PYR_15_05SParimalakrishnanUsing Digital Gadgets for Promoting Quality Care in the Management of Chronic Disease: An Indian Pilot StudyIndiaDepartment of Pharmacy, Annamalai University1.5. Digital epidemiology - YR
PYR_34_03BeltagyMarwaNight work and risk of common mental disorders: Analyzing observational data as a non-randomized pseudo trialFinlandDepartment of Public Health, University of Helsinki3.4. The health care actors
PYR_16_08palliyalshanavasBetel nut chewing habits and risk of precancerous oral lesions among Paniya tribes of Wayanad, India- a cross-sectional studyIndiaDM WIMS Medical College1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_16_01FrancisDelfin LovelinaTobacco Consumption and ceassation mong Auto Rickshaw Drivers in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, IndiaIndiaDr MGR Medical University1.6. Prevention
PYR_24_02FrancisDelfin LovelinaTobacco use, awareness and cessation among Malayali tribes, Yelagiri Hills, Tamil nadu, India.IndiaDr MGR Medical University2.4. Healthcare pathway
PYR_21_05Jean-BaptisteElisaProcessus d'aide à la décision, gestion du RISque obstétrical et du Mode d'Accouchement après césarienne au Québec (PRISMA)CanadaÉcole de Santé Publique de l'Université de Montréal2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_21_06Jean-BaptisteElisaEstimation of fetal macrosomia, maternal and perinatal morbidity, among Cree populations of Eastern James BayCanadaÉcole de Santé Publique de l'Université de Montréal2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_16_12AcharyaDr.Dilip KumarE Cigarettes –do they have any role in Tobacco Control ?IndiaG B Pant District Hospital1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_33_04AcharyaDr.Dilip KumarORAL CANCER- EARLY DETECTION by SELF EXAMINATIONIndiaG B Pant District Hospital3.3. The engaged patient - YR
PYR_12_03VenkatasubramanianAkarshInterdisciplinary approaches towards health and wellbeing for all: a snapshot from IndiaSwitzerlandGlobal Studies Institute, University of Geneva1.2. Access to health services, sustainable economic models - YR
PYR_10_05WellsNadya“Four Challenges that Global Health Networks Face” Shiffman Framework to contrast access to medicines challenges for NCDs and NTDs: Insulin versus PraziquantelSwitzerlandGraduate Institute1. Precision health systems
PYR_23_01HinSebastianDifferential diagnosis of fever in West- and East-AfricaGermanyHahn-Schickard & IMTEK, University of Freiburg2.3. Innovative health products
PYR_25_01Von GrünigenSandrineSafe handling of cytotoxic medicines and related waste: Development of a self-assessment tool adapted to resource-constrained settingsSwitzerlandHUG2.5. Safety and quality of care
PYR_54_01MangeretFlaviaCooperation To The Development Of Specific Neonatal Care In A Referral Hospital At Douala – Can videoconference increase quality and sustainability?SwitzerlandHUG5.4. Training in remote areas or in humanitarian context
PYR_10_04BarbaraComteLa formation à la maintenance biomédicale pour des techniciens au Sud-Kivu (RDC)FranceHumatem1. Precision health systems
PYR_44_02RahmanAhmed EhsanurImproving IMCI service quality using e-health technology at primary facilities of Bangladesh: Developing the e-IMCI software through a participatory approachBangladeshicddr,b4.4. Research, development and sharing of precision health products
PYR_43_02MissiakYohannUnveiling pathological relationships in Medicine using Neural Networks “black boxes”: a conceptual studyFranceINSERM4.3. Data science (telecommunication operator, remote sensing, internet of objects, big data...) - YR
PYR_25_04TaiHsueh LingTo Enhance The Integration Of Nursing Instruction Regarding Reconstructive Microsurgery For Head And Neck Cancer Patients By Applying A Multiple Teaching Model.TaiwanKaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Of The C.G.M.F2.5. Safety and quality of care
PYR_56_02DeAuleyPossible association of RAS polymorphisms with long-term malaria exposureIndiaLincoln Education PVT. LTD5.6. Information society: risk and threats - YR
PYR_21_01BakerKevinAccuracy results from field trials of four respiratory rate timers to detect pneumonia by frontline health workers in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast AsiaUnited KingdomMalaria Consortium2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_21_02WardCharlotteImproving a Reference Standard for Evaluating Respiratory Rate Devices to Diagnose Symptoms of Pneumonia in Children Under 5United KingdomMalaria Consortium2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_13_02Ngo NsogaMarie ThérèseSynthèses des formations sur la prise en charge des morsures de serpents dans le Nord du CamerounCameroonMinistère de la Santé Publique1.3. Training - YR
PYR_52_02Ngo NsogaMarie ThérèseRéinsertion communautaire des patients atteints de plaies chroniques au CamerounCameroonMinistère de la Santé Publique5.2. Patient community - YR
PYR_41_01Al-FarsiOmarSustainable Development Goal Indicators in Oman: A Health PerspectiveOmanMinistry of Health4.1. Sharing data and methods
PYR_53_01SemwalMonikaMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for health professional educationSingaporeNanyang Technological University5.3. MOOCs and mass training
PYR_16_07KarSonalikaGenetic polymorphism in Duffy Binding Protein (pvdbp) gene of Plasmodium vivax Indian isolates; its implication in vaccine designIndiaNational Institute of Malaria Research1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_16_09DashManoswiniComputational and molecular evolutionary analysis of the putative PvCSP gene as potential target for Plasmodium vivax malaria in IndiaIndiaNational Institute of Malaria Research1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_56_01TiwariAparnaNatural protection against Plasmodium falciparum cerebral malaria through RAS polymorphisms: a risk factor for hypertensionIndiaNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MALARIA RESEARCH5.6. Information society: risk and threats - YR
PYR_15_02KrupchankaDzmitryMortality gap associated with mental disorders in the Czech RepublicCzech RepublicNational Institute of Mental Health1.5. Digital epidemiology
PYR_16_02NeupaneRoshanPrevalence and Factors Associated of Non Communicable Diseases among Government Employees in Biratnagar, Morang, NepalNepalNepal Public Health and Education Group1.6. Prevention
PYR_16_10PanovDmitriyKnowledge about the health and adherence to preventive measures: gender features. WHO program MONICA-psychosocialRussiaNIITPM – branch of Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_32_03PanovDmitriy28-years trends in awareness about the health and adherence to cardiovascular prevention in the open male population aged 25-44 years in Russia/SiberiaRussiaNIITPM – branch of Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS3.2. Community citizenship, health and participatory science - YR
PYR_16_03SumbohJeffreyNon-Adherence to Community Directed Treatment with Ivermectin for Onchocerciasis Elimination in Abekwai, Tain District of GhanaGhanaNoguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research1.6. Prevention
PYR_42_04rathsaswateeImpact of Information, Communication and Technology on Elderly women Health Care Status in Lucknow (India) District: A Sociological StudyIndiaO/O CLC(C)4.2. Access and dissemination of knowledge - YR
PYR_35_02Hernández GallegosMaría del RosarioCivil society organizations and youth volunteering in building the youth health agendaMexicoPompeu Fabra University3.5. Other actors
PYR_10_06WelchDeniseClimate Change Mitigation: Reduction of Waterborne and Vector-borne Infections in Akugbene Community of Delta State, Nigeria using Bio-sand Water FiltersSwitzerlandRegions of Climate Action1. Precision health systems
PYR_35_03MartinezCécilePerspectives ergonomique et réaliste de l’implantation internationale d’un dispositif en promotion à la santé dans les écoles par des acteurs mutualistesBelgiumRES3.5. Other actors
PYR_12_02ShahRashedHealth Boost - voice messages using mobile phone for improving access to health services among urban slum dwelling adolescent girlsUSASave the Children US1.2. Access to health services, sustainable economic models - YR
PYR_21_03PoorniSaravananEffectiveness of a mobile image based teledentistry tool to screen oral diseases among a rural population in Tamil Nadu, IndiaIndiaSaveetha Dental College2.1. New diagnostic strategies
PYR_12_01BhanbhroSadiqSocio-cultural factors affecting maternal nutrition and health: an ethnographic study with a matrilineal community of IndonesiaUnited KingdomSheffield Hallam University1.2. Access to health services, sustainable economic models
PYR_25_05MuzaffarAmbreenData Evaluation of Set-up Errors Variation in IMRT of Prostate Cancer.PakistanShifa International Hospital2.5. Safety and quality of care - YR
PYR_11_01LinXuNSAIDs abuse in China: Challenges and IssuesChinaSoochow University1.1. Implications for health system governance
PYR_10_02BernasconiAndreaDigitalised IMCI management algorithms on tablet:Results of the ALMANACH Pilot Project in Nigeria and Afghanistan.SwitzerlandSwiss TPH1. Precision health systems
PYR_10_03BernasconiAndreaThe ALMANACH concept: protocols and guidelines at your fingertipsSwitzerlandSwiss TPH1. Precision health systems
PYR_41_02AliSuadMapping Global Retinoblastoma Prevalence, Treatment Capacity and ExpertiseCanadaThe Hospital for Sick Children4.1. Sharing data and methods - YR
PYR_34_01MaritimPatriciaEvaluation of implementation determinants to the Appropriateness of a Trachoma Mass Drug Administration Program in Livingstone District.ZambiaUnibersity of Zambia3.4. The health care actors
PYR_16_11SandovalJosé LuisAlcohol control laws, inequalities and geographical clusters of harmful alcohol use in Geneva (Switzerland)SwitzerlandUniGe1.6. Prevention - YR
PYR_24_01MontagnoliCaterinaCreating Networks to promote reproductive health amongst migrants in a Swiss environmentItalyUniGe2.4. Healthcare pathway
PYR_42_03MontagnoliCaterinaSourcing in the Digital Age: Health Issues at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface in Refugee CampsItalyUniGe4.2. Access and dissemination of knowledge - YR
PYR_51_01MontagnoliCaterinaEco-livraison:an Innovative Bike delivery system for Geneva FarmersItalyUniGe5.1. Social mobilization - YR
PYR_16_04JeannotEmilienAcceptability and effectiveness of HPV self-sampling for monitoring the early impact of the HPV vaccination program on public health in SwitzerlandSwitzerlandUniGe1.6. Prevention
PYR_15_01ChablozManonSnakebite in the health district of Akonolinga, Cameroon: a cross-sectional and qualitative survey on incidence, disabilities, and traditional medicineSwitzerlandUniGe1.5. Digital epidemiology
PYR_44_03Benissamohamed-ridaUnsupervised electronic stethoscope for childhood pneumonia diagnostic. A proof of concept study in the University Hospital of Geneva.SwitzerlandUniGe4.4. Research, development and sharing of precision health products
PYR_52_01IssomDavid-ZacharieOnline access to information of people with Sickle Cell Disease: Where do patients talk about their health?SwitzerlandUniGe / HUG5.2. Patient community
PYR_14_01TadjudjeWillyDigitization of health services: Focus on the obligation to protect personal data in CameroonBelgiumUniversité Catholique de Louvain - CRIDES1.4. Legal implications
PYR_14_02McElfishPearlInterpretive Policy Analysis: Marshallese COFA Migrants and the Affordable Care ActUSAUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences1.4. Legal implications - YR
PYR_32_01McElfishPearlCBPR to overcome historical trauma and engage Marshallese in genetic study.USAUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences3.2. Community citizenship, health and participatory science - YR
PYR_32_02McElfishPearlCommunity Engaged Research TrainingUSAUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences3.2. Community citizenship, health and participatory science - YR
PYR_33_03McElfishPearlFamily Model of DSMEUSAUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences3.3. The engaged patient - YR
PYR_13_01SilvaNishanMass training of Sri Lankan Nurses and Nursing students on Research and Nursing Informatics using a blended learning approachSri LankaUniversity of Colombo1.3. Training - YR
PYR_43_01MaaloufElianeHEALTH SYSTEM DATA MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTUREBenefiting of information technologies to enable adaptive evidence-based decision making in the Swiss Health SystemSwitzerlandUniversity of Neuchâtel4.3. Data science (telecommunication operator, remote sensing, internet of objects, big data...)
PYR_22_01NitBuntongyiReview of Heart Regeneration by using induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and extracellular matrix protein, Agrin, in Mice and Primate heartsCambodiaUniversity of Puthisastra2.2. Personalized treatments
PYR_44_01KitamuraAkikoMobile MCH Handbook Application for Palestine Refugee Mothers and Children in JordanJordanUNRWA4.4. Research, development and sharing of precision health products
PYR_25_02SaitoHirokiOveruse/Misuse of Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis (SAP) in a Rural Hospital in UgandaSwitzerlandWHO2.5. Safety and quality of care
PYR_11_02MohamedBasemRole of youth engagement (Students and young professionals) in health workforce policy making and governance: A case study from the World Health Organisation   SwitzerlandWHO1.1. Implications for health system governance
PYR_54_02Support for responseTeamOpenWHO: Integrating online knowledge transfer into health emergency responseSwitzerlandWHO5.4. Training in remote areas or in humanitarian context - YR
PYR_23_02SantarelliTaïnaPANDA system, a mobile health application to support health care providers to conduct and to compile ANC in Burkina Faso: an analysis of a pilot studySwitzerland2.3. Innovative health products
PYR_15_04Komi HonamGbone La prévention des IST/VIH et prise en charge HSH migrants à ParisFrance1.5. Digital epidemiology - YR
PYR_33_01DekovaRalitzaFramework Analysis of Hospital Rating SystemsFrance3.3. The engaged patient
PYR_10_01DubailMathildeFormation à l'échographie obstétricale par télé-échographie interactive au Congo - BrazzavilleSwitzerland1. Precision health systems
PYR_42_02JoonMeghanEducation before InterventionUSA4.2. Access and dissemination of knowledge - YR