ES1-2 : Digital stethoscope. Beyond listening


The stethoscope is widely considered to be an essential medical instrument, invented 200 years ago, by a French physician, René Laennec. Since then, the initial monaural wooden tube has evolved into a sophisticated digital device.

Several studies have employed computerized acoustic technology for telemedicine and to analyzed lung and cardiac sounds. This technology has advanced in recent years, which has stimulated a resurgence of interest in auscultation. There is now good scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that lung sounds contain information that is clinically useful.

A digital stethoscope is able to convert an acoustic sound to electronic signals, which can be further amplified for optimal listening. These electronic signals can be further processed and digitalized to transmission to a laptop or a smartphone.

Computer technology is making it an even more useful and accurate clinical instrument to supplement noninvasive imaging in the diagnosis of chest disease. The health care workers can now hear heart and lung sound with more accuracy and precision, everywhere at the global health scale. There is also potential to major impact patient care by appreciating disease processes earlier. Medical care can also be provided in areas that are underserved or which do not have first level medical facilities by applying digital stethoscope technology for telemedicine to allow remote assessment. Although research still needs to be implemented to validate the digital stethoscope further, currently this medical device allows the user to be a better diagnostician and thereby deliver better and cost-effective medical care.



Discuss the interests and perspectives, compare different projects in progress and share experience.
Discuss the financing for implementation in primary care facilities.



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