ES2-4 : What are electronic solutions for training and documentation in remote areas?


Training and sharing knowledge requires access to information that is timely, relevant, and appropriate to the challenge identified. Remote areas where humanitarian interventions are needed most are often at a disadvantage of accessing latest resources in the form of guidelines, protocols and training materials.

Harnessing technological tools that overcome some of these challenges is mostly absent and scattered as a multitude of small initiatives across organizations. Examples of such technologies range from internet-based solutions that function at low connectivity, to off-grid gadgets that act as a local server and wifi access point – giving remotely located health workers access to texts, images and videos through various modalities. Such technologies, used in compliment to field connectivity projects, can compensate for the information disadvantage witnessed by health care workers in low resource settings.

Successful execution of such off-grid hubs can be tailored to a specific organization's policies, training needs and user preferences. Examples of uses case can include:

  • Open-access library databases & documentations – eg Wikipedia, CDC, NIH. With potential for open release of other sources such as MSF guidelines and WHO Library.
  • MOOC trainings for field missions – can be informal or formal (with evaluation )
  • Access to reference materials for research oriented missions
  • Peer –to-peer exchange of information, local file sharing options, case studies etc.
  • Local data capture – Survey , serious adverse event (SAE) registrations, electronic medical records etc



Understand, demonstrate and promote digital solutions that function outside the internet grid in resource poor settings



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