ES2-6 : How can we use drones in the health and humanitarian sectors


Drones are increasingly used in many professional sectors. Humanitarian and health sectors are not immune to this phenomenon.

Transportation of drugs or diagnostic sampling in remote areas, exploration of hard-to-reach areas in the floods, inspection of partially destroyed buildings during earthquake, assistance in establishing cartography... There are more and more uses.

Medair has used drones during the earthquake in Nepal, MSF is transporting drugs by drone in Papua, the ICRC is launching pilot projects. Swiss Post is setting up a project for medical sample transports, Drone Adventure develop mapping, EPFL is collaborating with the Red Line project to transport equipment in Rwanda. Flyability, with its Gimball, is collaborating with fire or police teams. GIS used drones in Haiti.

If these perspectives are promising many questions arise. What is the real usefulness of these devices, what training for staff, which machines are used...

Does the regulatory devices allow the use of drones. Will these regulations evolve?



The workshop will aim to exchange experiences and to confront the expectations of the humanitarian and health organizations with the services provided by the manufacters.



Drones in Humanitarian Action


ES : Experience sharing
Location: Room 19 Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am Graw Joseph