LS3 : Supply Chain and Delivery Capabilities: How can stakeholders collectively address this global health challenge?


Two billion people still cannot access the medicine they need. Many of these people reside in low and middle-income countries. Access to health in these countries is a complex and multi-faceted challenge that is affected by a diverse array of issues. Challenges that affect access to health extend across the health value chain.

The supply and delivery of health solutions are among the additional challenges which are often neglected as an important part of ensuring patient access to the solutions they need. Effectively addressing supply chain and delivery challenges requires an inclusive approach that leverages the collective expertise and experiences of diverse stakeholders.

Multi-stakeholder collaborations and public-private partnerships are becoming more and more instrumental in addressing these key challenges. The global, multi-sectoral Coalition for Access to NCD Medicines & Products is dedicated to increasing access to essential medicines and health products for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Members include government agencies, private-sector entities, nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, and academic institutions. The Coalition works globally and locally to identify opportunities for the procurement, supply, distribution, and rational use of needed products. The Coalition adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach and technology innovations to address upstream “first-mile” to downstream “last mile” challenges.

Partners such as Merck also focus on addressing access challenges. Merck
leverages its core competencies and expertise across the health value chain
through its Access to Health (A2H) strategy, known as the “Four As of Access”:
Availability, Affordability, Awareness and Accessibility.

Through these Accessibility efforts, Merck aims to reinforce supply chains and deliver
effectively at point of care. Dimagi, a technology organization, will specifically highlight the use of low-cost technology solutions to strengthen monitoring and evaluation of national supply chain programs.

This year’s Geneva Health Forum (GHF) focus on global health in the digital age is an opportunity to demonstrate how technological innovations, supported by diverse stakeholders and expertise, can help to build and strengthen supply chain and delivery capabilities.

Underscoring that supply chain and delivery issues are indeed part of the access to health challenge in developing countries and that there is a need to raise awareness of these challenges at the global, regional and national level. Through multi-stakeholder, public-private partnerships, stakeholders can identify collective solutions, utilizing innovative technologies, to address these challenges.



  • Draw attention to this important but often overlooked access challenge in developing countries of supply chain & delivery
  • Recognize that no stakeholder can tackle these challenges along. Public-private collaborations are critical.
  • Identify best practices & lessons learned from vertical approaches (i.e. infectious diseases, vaccines) and see how they can be leveraged to tackle challenges around Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
  • Demonstrate how technological innovations can help build & strengthen supply chain and delivery capabilities.



Santerre FrederiqueChairmanMerckSwitzerland
Dayen DidierSupply Chain activities at Merck Healthcare supporting Access to HealthMerckSwitzerland
Guinot PhilippeAddressing supply chain barriers through public private partnershipsPATHSwitzerland
Kibachio Mwangi Joseph

Supply Chain and Delivery Capabilities: How can stakeholders collectively address this global health challenge?Ministry of HealthKenya
Long JessicaSupporting Last Mile Supply Chain Management with Locally Adapted Software Applications for Low-Cost Mobile DevicesDimagiSenegal




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