PS1-5 : Ehealth : time for pilots is over


Cette session sera traduite simultanément en anglais et français
This session will be translated simultaneously into English and French



In the last decade, digital health initiatives have blossomed in LMICs but most of them have failed to reach scale and sustainability. As a results, countries are left with multiple digital health pilots that capture subsets of data with no or limited interoperability. At the primary care facility level it is common to see health care professionals surrounded by mobile phones, tablets and/or computers entering data in separate tools for different partners.

In order to capitalize on the potential of digital health to improve health outcomes and increase the efficiency of health systems, it is our duty as the global health community to support countries in rationalizing the use of digital health, ensuring that systems are interoperable, non-redundant, scalable and conducive to improved health outcomes.

This session will look at barriers to scalability and the challenges of interoperability in the fast-moving field of digital health.



Explore how the digital health field is maturing: prioritizing scale, sustainability and interoperability to ensure maximum value for country stakeholders.



Guinot Philippe
ChairmanPath Switzerland
Eskandar Hani
ITU Switzerland
Garrette Béatrice
Observatoire E SantéFrance
Mehl GarrettWHOSwitzerland
Settle Dykki

The Evolution of Global Digital Health Digital square PathUSA



PS : Parallel session PS-4 : Research and development
Location: Room 02 Date: April 10, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eskandar Hani Guinot Philippe Garrette Béatrice Mehl Garrett Settle Dykki