PS1-3 : Citizen science, open science, Fab lab, Do it yourself… the new ways of innovation

Cette session sera traduite simultanément en anglais et français
This session will be translated simultaneously into English and French



New actors are emerge in the health sector. They have a do-it-yourself attitude and they embrace the open source culture. The digital revolution provides them instant access to global knowledge and communities and they also benefit from the rapid democratisation of digital (fabrication) technologies and global marketplaces. They collaborate globally with many virtual contributors, sometimes hundreds or thousands of them. Their approaches are disruptive. They integrate the exponentiality of digital technologies in their respective models, to reduce development time and cost. These new actors use 3d printing and other available modern capacities to make affordable health devices. Their endeavour sometimes involves hundreds of engineers and scientists globally in open science developments projects, or they manage to channel crowds of global citizen scientists to address challenges.



The panel will discuss the enabling effects of the rapidly democratising, ever more empowering, digital technologies. The panel will look at the emergence of global communities working remotely on open projects, challenges and opportunities. The panelists will share their thoughts and efforts on ensuring quality. Time will be allocated for the audience to engage with the panel.



Ott David
ChairmanGlobal Humanitarian Lab Switzerland
De Fresnoye Olivier
Loubani Tarek Fab LabGlia teamPalestine
Mondardini Rosy
Citizen scienceUniGeSwitzerland



PS : Parallel session PS-3 : Health actor
Location: Room 04 Date: April 10, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm De Fresnoye Olivier Loubani Tarek Mondardini Rosy Ott David