PS2-2 : Are Neglected Tropical Diseases Affected by Ehealth?

Chappuis Francois

Lester Darryl Genevieve

Participatory approaches and open data on venomous snakes: A neglected opportunity in the global snakebite crisis?Institute of Global HealthSwitzerland
Marinucci Francesco
From polyvalent platform sharing to universal health coverage: Is hepatitis C the game changer?FINDSwitzerland
Ngolo Digas
Microscopy imaging enables validation of diagnosis for clinical trialsDNDiRDC
Planat-Chrétien AnneAssessment of the viability of Onchocerca sp. adult worms with Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy CEA-LETIFrance

Snake-bites: A Neglected Global Health Challenge


PS : Parallel session PS-2 : Health care