PS2-3 : Patient partner : a self-evident truth

Cette session sera traduite simultanément en anglais et français
This session will be translated simultaneously into English and French


Patient experience and expertise - systemic, legitimate, relevant and useful - a lever for change (from



The health sector encounters major challenges and involves interests from multiple stakeholders. The mobilization and active participation of all those facing health issues are the ultimate guarantor of a health care system and health policy that effectively meet their needs.
Moreover, valuable and long-lasting solutions are impossible without involving the concerned population in identifying, understanding and solving current health care issues.

Living a disease results an intrinsic experience and generates knowledge, which needs to be revealed, appreciated so that patients and health care providers can benefit from it. This goes beyond patients’ education by caregivers; it is rather the possibility of partnering with patients as experts to enhance caregivers’ expertise and ensure the adequacy of healthcare actions.

Patient involvement and partnership constitute an optimal way to help patients’ expertise to emerge. Results are invariably above expectations: innovative solutions, empowerment, shared decision-making, namely the key ingredients of a true partnership.

Patient knowledge and expertise necessarily involves a transversal view of disease and of health care. All different stages and impacts of disease are included and integrated in the daily physical, mental and emotional experience. This contribution is invaluable for an integrated person-centred care and for the adequacy of care structures. Progressively, new healthcare models emerge, with a further crosscutting approach and a greater openness to inputs from users.



Already in 1986, the Ottawa Charter, in its goals for the 2000s, advocated that partnership with patients and communities was critical for health promotion. Where are we in 2018? The session aims to discuss current achievements and contributions in the field as well as current barriers and challenges to address.



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