PS2-5 : SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk

A public health science competition of innovative digital natives


The SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is the highlight of a new training for young scientists to

  • foster interdisciplinary communication skills
  • link science and society
  • attract and entertain a broad audience with concise science told in a story


As audience, you will

  • be part of the jury and vote for the presentation you like best
  • discover on what the future generation in public health sciences is researching
  • experience how research can be conveyed in an attractive way in only 3 minutes



The aim of the SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk is to

  • demonstrate how science can be presented in an attractive way
  • inform on research of young public health scientists in Switzerland
  • experience sciencetainment



Prof. Nino KünzliChairman Director SSPH+Chairman
Valentin BuchterOvercoming drug resistance in the treatment of schistosomiasisPhD student of the University of BaselCompetitor
Carmen de JongWheeze from childhood into young adulthoodPhD student of the University of BernCompetitor
Bonaventure IkediashiDisease specific knowledge and painful episodes in sickle cell anaemiaPhD student of the University of LucerneCompetitor
Kibachio MwangiThe double burden of disease in Africa a public and global health paradoxPhD student of the University of GenevaCompetitor
Sara TomczykPower of pragmatic studies - Expanding the paradigm of IPC researchPhD student of the University of GenevaCompetitor



The winner of the ScienceFlashTalk 2018 is

Bonaventure Ikediashi





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PS-5 : Communication