PS3-4 : The “Where” of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)


As countries progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), there is a need to examine the spatial distribution of available health services in relation to population health needs. Geographic analysis and visualization tools can be used to examine how accessible health services are to the target population and to identify key gaps where additional investment is needed in order to promote equitable access to health care. This can be done efficiently if the modeling of physical accessibility is realistic enough, taking into account the various constraints of the landscape when patient travel to seek care. To that end, solid capacity building strategies are needed for stakeholders to cost-effectively manage and use geospatial data and technologies.



This session will give an overview of ongoing work in this field, including examples of available methods and tools and how information is generated and used at country level.



Sein Aye AyeCountry experience : Considering the geographic dimension of UHC when planning and monitoring health sector investmentsMinistry of Health and SportsMyanmar
Stenberg KarinChairmanWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerland
Ray NicolasModelling physical accessibility to health services: the AccessMod tool and its applications for Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (EmONC) facilitiesUniversity of GenevaSwitzerland
Bilak HanaVisualizing the end of malaria : an innovative partnership using geography to support malaria elimination in ZambiaPATHSwitzerland
Ebener SteeveBuilding national capacity through a regional collaborative approach : How to support countries in the use of geospatial data and technologies for UHC - experience from AsiaHealth GeoLab CollaborativePhilippines
O'Neill KathyWorld Health Organization, Global Platform for Measurement and AccountabilityWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerland



PS : Parallel session PS-4 : Research and development
Location: Room 06 Date: April 11, 2018 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Bilak Hana Ebener Steeve O’Neill Kathy Ray Nicolas Sein Aye Aye Stenberg Karin