PS3-5 : Serious game, virtual reality, simulation : disruptive tools for training, sensitization and care

Cette session sera traduite simultanément en anglais et français
This session will be translated simultaneously into English and French



Serious games and virtual reality are increasingly used for training purposes, including within the field of medicine.
New tools are being developed in the humanitarian sector where public awareness is particularly targeted.
Medical healthcare professionals are beginning to recognise the utility of these technologies and are starting to put them to use, including within resource-limited countries.

It is important to understand the potential of these new tools but also to define their limits, whether they are used purely for training purposes of for actually delivering care.



Discover the experiences of using those serious games and virtual reality to enable a better understanding of the value of these tools.



Felder MaxChairmanBehaviour Change LabSwitzerland
Adil MariamUsed of serious games for developping countriesGRIDPakistan
Kara OzanDefinition of gamification knowledge management tool and outcomes for global health including both the earth and in spacKOC University/Space Generation Advisory CouncilTurkey
Szilas NicolasSerious Games Helping Families of Patients and CaregiversTecfa, UniGe Switzerland
Van Gessel ElisabethSimulation in medical and paramedical trainingsCentre interprofessionnel de simulationSwitzerland




PS : Parallel session PS-5 : Communication
Location: Room 02 Date: April 11, 2018 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Adil Mariam Felder Max Szilas Nicolas Van Gessel Elisabeth