PS4-2 : Cancer in LMIC : time for action

Cancer in most sub-Saharan African countries is often a death sentence due to major gaps in access to quality health services.

There are compelling examples of pilot clinical cancer centers were cancer treatment services are available and functional. These pilots were made possible by the combined efforts of civil society in raising awareness and political will at governmental level.

The development of international partnerships for knowledge transfer was essential. There are many lessons learnt for resource adapted cancer management concepts which can be used in up scaleing these pilots to national systems of cancer care.


This session introduces the key issues cancer management is facing in Sub-Saharan Africa and informs about options to bridge the gaps and to develop sustainable partnerships. It will stimulate a dialogue with the audience about building bridges between existing mainly communicable disease management systems and the emerging cancer control agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa.



Ullrich AndreasChairmanGermany
Corty Jean François
Inequalities of access to care and cancer: humanitarian actors must engageMédecins Du MondeFrance
Ilbawi AndréWHOSwitzerland
Relecom AllanHUG Switzerland
Ziba RosalieAssociation de patientsAssociation des femmes atteintes et affectées par le cancer Burkina Faso



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