PS4-4 : Does the digital revolution revolutionize access to knowledge?

Cette session sera traduite simultanément en anglais et français
This session will be translated simultaneously into English and French



Open access is a movement that offers free and fast access to scientific production (articles, theses, reports, etc.). It appeared in the 1990s in reaction to the increase in subscription costs for scientific journals that have become prohibitive for researchers and libraries. It is an alternative concept to the privatization of knowledge, based on a logic of cooperation and sharing.

The open data movement is newer. This is the provision of data, public or private, for any citizen. The creation of an important data bank thanks to digital tools creates new possibilities for research. The European Union encourages the opening of data from the scientific research it finances.

If the objective of these two movements is to accelerate scientific discoveries, many obstacles exist.
Does the funding of publications by their authors lead to the publication of poor quality articles without scientific control? How does open data help to respect patients' rights? How to control the quality of data collected in big data? Is the citizen writing promoted by wikipedia applicable for medical publications? Can we imagine a free economy for the reader and the authors...



Define and better understand the issues in the open access and open data movement that are revolutionizing scientific research



Maillart ThomasChairmanUniversity of GenevaSwitzerland
Moutaftsi MagdaA toolkit for researchers to facilitate open access to clinical dataEDCTPNetherland
Heilman JamesEfforts to get Healthcare Information Out to Everyone via WikipediaWikipediaCanada
Laakso MikaelThe current status of open access in scholarly journal publishingHaken universityFinlande



PS : Parallel session PS-4 : Research and development
Location: Room 02 Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Heilman James Laakso Mikael Maillart Thomas Moutaftsi Magdalini