PS5-1 : Integrated people-centered health systems: How to include vertical initiatives into efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage?


In early 2000’s three deadly epidemics exemplified the unacceptable health situation the world was facing: HIV/AIDS treatments and resources for prevention were in the North while a huge majority of persons affected were in the South; millions of children were dying of malaria because of lack of mosquito net and treatments; TB was again spreading in very aggressive forms. At the same time vaccine preventable diseases remained a major contributor to child mortality.

Supported by the commitment made in the MDGs, new, innovative initiatives like the Global Fund and GAVI took up the challenge of health inequity. They collected unprecedented amounts of money and supported Government and Non-Government actors to implement programmes to fight the three diseases as well as increase vaccine coverage. There was a sense of urgency, and these actors managed to respond in a very quick and effective way supporting interventions which produced a truly impressive impact, measurable in terms of lives saved, infections averted.

Since 2015 we have entered the new era of the sustainable development goals. The development agenda has become universal and reflects interlinkages and complexity of the challenges we face. Accordingly the responses are required to be multisectoral and the targets are manifold, partnerships are a necessary condition for the realization of the goals.

Although in many countries they remain a deadly scourge affecting predominantly poor, vulnerable and stigmatized groups of population, the diseases that led to previous successful initiatives appear less prominently in the Agenda 2030. They are part of a broader health goal that acknowledges also the rapid increase of non-communicable diseases and sets Universal Health Coverage as an objective.

Achieving the new goals requires a change of mindset as well as a well-coordinated and harmonized work of all existing health stakeholders.



Identify the opportunities and challenges of integrating the fight against HIV, TB, malaria and vaccine preventable diseases within integrated people centered health systems.



Koch Carla ChairmanSwitzerland
Sharples NatalieHealth Poverty ActionUK
Mangiaterra Viviana
Global FundSwitzerland
Meyer Claude P4H, WHOSwitzerland
O’Connell Thomas WHOSwitzerland
Schemionek Katja GAVISwitzerland




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