PS5-5 : Telemedicine to fight against medical deserts


In Siberia, in the Amazon rainforest, in rural areas in India or in France access to a doctor for a medical consultation is difficult. In war situations, the deployment of medical teams has become impossible.

The development of the internet makes possible remote communications. Different activities are organized (consultations, advice, training, monitoring or quality control ...).

Unfortunately, not all experiences translate into increased access to care. Legal or ethical issues appear.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the characteristics of the many tools that come to the market.

It is therefore necessary to study the experiences to make full use of the potential of telemedicine.



Understand the benefits of telemedicine to facilitate access to care



Natenzon MikhailChairmanNational Telemedicine AgencyRussian Federation
Messina Luiz AryExpérience from Brazil Rede Universitária de Telemedicina, Coordenador Nacional RUTEBrazil
Mishra Saroj K.Experience form India Telemedicine ProgramSanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical SciencesIndia
Teledicine in humanitarian contextSatmedLuxembourg



PS : Parallel session PS-5 : Communication
Location: Room 02 Date: April 12, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Messina Luiz Ary Mishra Saroj K. Natenzon Mikhail