SE03 : Global Health in Russia

The objective of the side event is to highlight the role of the Russian Federation for Public Health, and to showcase Russian’s activities through international organizations (UN, WHO…) in achieving sustainable development agenda (SDG).

2 panels conference (90 min) followed by a cocktail.
Open to the public, registration needed.
(45 min, English to Russian and Russian to English interpretation)



Commitments and actions of the Russian Federation towards ending tuberculosis:

  • Evgeny Kamkin, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Ending TB in the Russian Federation as a priority governmental goal.
  • Tereza Kasaeva, Director of the Global TB Program, WHO. From the Moscow Ministerial Conference on Ending TB to the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB. Time for action.
  • Irina Vasiliyeva, Director, National Medical Research Center of Phthisiopulmonology and infectious diseases, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Russian experience in fighting tuberculosis as a contribution to reduce the global burden of TB.



Russian contribution in beating NCDs:

  • Evgeny Kamkin, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Actions of the Russian Federation to end the global burden of NCDs.
  • Alexey Kulikov, WHO. Russian support for Global NCD response.
  • Victoria Madyanova, Sechenov University. Capacity building and policy-makers training programmes in NCDs.



Cocktail (interpretation not needed)


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SE : Side events
Location: Room 03 Date: April 11, 2018 Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm