SE06 : Youth Engagement for Global Health in the Digital Age

As masters students of the University of Geneva Institute of Global Health, we are inspired to lead a platform for students and young professionals in the field of global health to engage, network and build capacity through innovative ideas, professional development and discussions during such occasions as the Geneva Health Forum, as part of our learning process, and in order to bring us closer to the global health workforce and relevant decision making processes



To engage and inspire young global health actors to share projects that are innovative and sustainable, as part of their education, professional development and career prospects, while building a peer and mentorship network in the process.



  • Session host : Caterina Montagnoli
  • Panel moderator : Arinze Awiligwe
  • Dia Satyani Saminarsih (WHO HQ)
  • Basem Mohammed (WHO HQ)
  • Kay Marcus (IGH Geneva)
  • Yacine Ndiaye (IGH Geneva)
  • Jinane Ghattas (UCL Brussels)
  • Arinze Awiligwe (IGH Geneva)


Contact :
Caterina Montagnoli :
Arinze Awiligwe :



SE : Side events
Location: Room 06 Date: April 11, 2018 Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm