WS02 : What digital tools to develop chronic wound care in resource-limited countries?

Context :

Although chronic wounds represent a major public health challenge in limited resource countries, they are often ignored. In addition to classical infectious causes (Phagedenic, leprosy, Buruli ulcers,…), drepanocytosis linked ulcers, traumatic wounds, the epidemiologic shift will lead to new ulcers, especially those linked to diabetes (diabetic foot) or vascular lesions (venous, mix ulcers,…).

Too few epidemiological data, lack of diagnostic and/or therapeutic knowledge, difficulties for chronic lesions follow-up, isolation of patients and health care professionals, price issues,… numerous are the difficulties limiting the development of basic modern and efficient woundcare.

Experiences developed in other pathologies have shown us that numeric technologies can bring undeniable solutions to improve care. Diagnosis tools, data collecting tools, medical files, electronic photo banks, guideline on smart phones are, among others, examples of possible practical tools.

Once the basic cause of the wound determined (diagnosis), the basic physiological wound healing is more less similar from one wound to the other. Modern and efficient wound care does not necessitate sophisticated means, thus the use of simple communication technologies seam specially indicated.

Objectives :

To explore if teaching and practical wound care in less resourced countries could be enhanced by the use of numeric tools.

More specifically, we will explore if numeric tools could:

  • Ameliorate and modernize global knowledge of wound care
  • On the basis of modern knowledge enhance clinical wound care with the use of rather simple dressing materials
  • Promote a list of essential dressing materials
  • Allow the constitution of clinical files
  • Promote the use of these data for epidemiological means

Participants :

Vuagnat HubertHUGSwitzerlandChairman
El Idrissi HamziUniGe, IGHSwitzerlandScientific secretary
Agbodeka FrédéricANITTogoMember
Delaigue SophieFranceMember
Kouami VincentANITTogoMember
Marelli AndréaMSFBelgiumMember
Ngo Nsoga Marie TérèseHôpital d'AkonolingaCameroonMember
Sigam PatriciaDigitalMedLab CameroonMember
Tassegning Armel CIRESCameroonMember

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