WS03 : Define a strategy to diagnose key gynecological pathologies in one day for an affordable price at a district hospital in Africa

Context :

Gynecological pathologies are emerging as an important cause of morbidity and mortality in Africa. The pathologies concerned are mainly cervical cancers (related to HPV infections), female genital schistosomiasis and sexually transmitted infections (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.).

Diagnosis is usually based only on history and clinical examination. Good, robust and affordable diagnostic tools to identify these issues are missing.
Women who are most affected by these conditions live in rural areas where access to health facilities is difficult.
The strategy would be to be able to perform all of these tests the same day to have a quick and accurate diagnosis and to treat people in one visit and avoid losing the patients.



During this workshop we want to define the specifications that would define a "Test and treat in one day" strategy for the main gynecological pathologies.
In particular we wish

  1. Define the list of pathologies concerned
  2. Define the indicators of each of these pathologies that can be used as diagnostic means (vaginal, blood, urine ...)
  3. Identify the pathologies to be identified in the asymptomatic patient and the symptomatic patient
  4. Identify the different types of existing diagnostic tools that could be used
  5. Identify the technical constraints
  6. Make recommendations for new diagnostic tools


Participants :

Christinet VanessaCIRESSwitzerlandChairman
Van Lieshout LisetteLeiden University Medical CenterNetherlandChairman
Karaman Ece Global Health InstituteSwitzerlandScientific secretary
Benski CarolineHUGSwitzerlandMember
Ciaffi LauraIRDCameroonMember
Foguem Eveline
Hôpital YaoundéCameroonMember
Henry CarolineMédecin infectiologueFranceMember
Jacon PhilippeCepheidFranceMember
Mansogo WencessEspoir LittoralEquatorial GuineaMember
O’Brien DanielMSF amsterdamAustraliaMember
Reinhard-Rupp JuttaMerck SwitzerlandMember
Segura Jean-ManuelHES-SO Valais-Wallis SwitzerlandMember
Stadérini NellyMSFSwitzerlandMember
Uldrich AndreasFormer WHOSwitzerlandMember



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