WS05 : Making periodic protection accessible in resource-limited settings: a public health challenge

Context :

Menstruation is a problem in many resource-poor countries. They are the source of numerous taboos, causes of school absenteeism in young girls and cessation of activity in women, and can lead to infections due to lack of hygiene.
Single-use sanitary pads are expensive and are generally not available to the majority of girls and women living in resource-limited countries. Moreover, a lack of education on this subject penalizes their use.
In recent years initiatives have emerged in terms of education, awareness events like the International Day of Menstruation May 28. Washable sanitary pads are produced locally and at a reduced cost. Humanitarian NGOs are beginning to integrate them into their aid for refugee camps, as well as some countries (Kenya, Botswana ...) that integrate them into their policy of access to education for young girls.
Several computer and digital tools (games, social media, mobile apps etc.) are used to develop awareness campaigns on the management of menstrual hygiene and access to sanitary pads. In addition scientific research is set up to measure the effectiveness and feasibility of washable towels.
A workshop to facilitate the exchange of experiences and create synergies between the different actors would be welcome.

Objectives :

Better identify the digital tools used to improve menstrual hygiene management in resource-limited settings.
More specifically, we want to explore whether digital tools could

  1. Improve information in the community
  2. Promote women's education about menstruation
  3. Facilitate access to washable sanitary pads or menstrual cups
  4. To evaluate the use and the risks of infection to these protections
  5. Evaluate access to protections

Participants :

Boum YapKmerpadCamerounChairman
Ouaijan KrystelGlobal Health InstituteSwitzerlandScientific secretary
Adil Mariam gaming for developmentPakistanMember
Belhous InesEducation Partage Santé pour l'Avenir au Burkina FasoFranceMember
Bobel ChrisSociety for Menstrual Cycle ResearchUSA Member
Boum OliviaKmerpadCamerounMember
Daghlian Libby
Days for Girls InternationalUSAMember
Donati Ludovica
Ina JurgaWASH UnitedGermanyMember
Larsson Gerda
The Case For HerSwedenMember
Muller NancyPathUSAMember
Daghlian Libby Days for Girls InternationalSwitzerlandMember

WS: Workshop