WS06 : The Data Revolution in Global Health: Time to Listen to the Revolutionaries

Context :

Global health efforts have grown into a major knowledge industry, generating massive volumes of information and data. UN agencies, major donors and a growing number of actors produce and publish health-related data on their activities and results on websites, blogs, social media channels and open databases, through multiple devices and applications. Significant resources are invested in numerous initiatives to strengthen country health information and statistical systems, and to develop new tools to find, analyse, compare and visualize available data.

Those efforts all converge towards the same goal: triggering a data revolution for global health. But data alone cannot elicit change. The missing link is human: a wide variety of people with skills to find, verify, make sense of data to use them and communicate findings for positive change.

Who will be the health data revolutionaries and what are their needs? What current initiatives and innovative ideas might help to transform the vision of a data revolution into reality?

This workshop will look at the user side of global health data initiatives with contributions from academia, journalists, the civil society, the UN system and International Geneva’s unique collection of data resources on health. Discussions will address existing needs and capacity while focusing mostly on
the human dimension of the so-called data revolution.


Objectives :

  1. What is the scale of the demand for global health data?
  2. How do we know who needs what among global health professionals, academics, donor agency staff and country-level end users (civil society groups, journalists, health workers, government officials)?
  3. How do we assess their overall capacity to use public health data?
  4. How do we address the most pressing training needs on a global scale?
  5. What are the current and most innovative ideas to fulfil them?


Participants :

Bourgoing RobertAidinfoplusFranceChairman
Buss ImogenGlobal Health Institute UKScientific secretary
Kamau JamesKETAM (Kenya Access Treatment Movement)KenyaMembre
Poltier-Muta Aziyade Louise PCP Project & the GVADATA portalSwitzerlandMembre
Teran Castro JavierUnited Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) SwitzerlandMembre
Cellades EduardoWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerlandMembre

WS: Workshop