WS09 : Cyberattacks and hospitals: what are the issues?

Context :

The frequency of data breaches in the healthcare field has been rising for the past decade and the healthcare sector is now among those most targeted by cyberattacks globally. The information accessed through health data breaches and attacks such as ransomware are of particular interest for financial and political gain. Importantly, cyberattacks can impede hospital operations and threaten patients’ safety. These attacks are also a threat to patients’ identities and finances as well as the reputation of hospitals or health facilities. The cyber vulnerabilities of the healthcare sector are concerns for a public health crisis.


Objectives :

  • To map existing experiences and guidelines on cybersecurity in healthcare
  • To develop practical and general standards and guidelines that can be applied to hospitals across various levels of development for preparation for and recuperation after an attack
  • To begin the discussion between academics, politicians, physicians, hospital security officers, and etc.
  • To expand on the project of violence against healthcare in times of conflict into violence in times of peace


Participants :

Eshaya-Chauvin Bruce Global Health InstituteSwitzerlandChairman
Argaw Salem T. Global Health InstituteSwitzerlandScientific secretary
Aït-Mohamed Parent Malika International Anti-Corruption AcademyAustriaMember
Anderson Denise National Health Information Sharing and Analysis CenterUSAMember
Burleson WayneUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstUSAMember
Calcavecchia Franck Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) (M8 Alliance)SwitzerlandMember
Chan Chang-Chuan National Taiwan University (M8 Alliance)Taiwan Member
de Roodenbeke EricInternational Hospital Federation SwitzerlandMember
Florin Marie-ValentineEPFL International Risk Governance CenterSwitzerlandMember
Ghernaouti Solange Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory & Research Group,Switzerland Member
Hoyme Ken Boston ScientificUSAMember
Hubaux Jean-PierreÉcole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)Switzerland Member
Lacey Darren Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine, (M8 Alliance) USAMember
Lai FeipeiNational Taiwan University, (M8 Alliance)Taiwan Member
Obiso MarcoInternational Telecommunication UnionSwitzerland Member
O’Leary Chana
OpenSky CorporationUSAMember
Tara S. Mahmood Iranian Ministry of Health & Medical Education (M8 Alliance)Iran Member
Vogel Jan-MichaelCharité Universitätsmedizin Berlin


Co-organized with M8 Alliance – World Health Summit (WHS) Expert Meeting:

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