Skolkovo Foundation


Skolkovo Project is the initiative of the Federal Government of Russia to create an ecosystem that will facilitate development of entrepreneurship and research in 5 priority areas: energy efficiency, strategic computer technologies, biomedicine, nuclear and industrial technologies and space technologies. The Foundation specifically supports free entrepreneurship and works with independent technological start-ups to ensure their success. Our portfolio currently includes 1450+ innovative companies.

The main objective of the Foundation is to create an ecosystem of innovation in Russia and assist entrepreneurial efforts in development and commercialization of the products and services. To achieve this objective, clusters offer the following support mechanisms: financial support of participants’ projects; development of competencies with the help of world-class mentors, and raising funds through Skolkovo mechanisms such as investment associations; assistance with entering foreign markets; access to potential clients in Russia and abroad in order to determine technological areas of demand in the future and to create joint plans of development; accumulation of resources and competencies via partnerships with the Russian state institutions, major international companies, scientific institutions and innovative centres, venture investors.