Travel Grants

Who can apply for a Travel Grant?

Two conditions need to be met in order to apply for a GHF travel grant:

  1. Your submission has been accepted for ORAL presentation at the GHF. Those accepted for a poster presentation may NOT apply for a travel grant.
  2. You are a national of a low-income country as per the listing of the World Bank Group. If you have a dual nationality of which one is not of a low-income country, you may NOT apply for a travel grant.


What are the criteria for selection of Travel Grantees?

The following selection criteria apply to all travel grant applications (abstract accepted for oral presentation being a prerequisite).  All applications are reviewed by a committee led by the Scientific Program Coordinator.

  • A one page max. motivation letter of applicant stating why and how the applicant wants and  contributes to the forum
  • Relevance of applicant’s professional activity (based on the personal profile)
  • Previous positions, publications and awards
  • Willingness to participate in the monitoring and evaluation process of the GHF
  • A confirmation of affiliation by applicant’s host organization (applicant’s current employer)


What does a Travel Grant cover?

A GHF travel grant may cover one or all of the following;

  • Visa costs for Switzerland
  • Return Economy airfare
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Geneva for the duration of the conference


What does the Travel Grant NOT cover?

The Travel Grant does not cover:

  • Per diems
  • Terminal costs (taxi, airport, etc.)
  • Excess luggage costs


How are travel grants administered?

Once you have been accepted as a travel grantee of the GHF you will receive a notification from the GHF Secretariat along with advice on how to proceed with registration and visa application.

You will be requested to advance your air ticket and will be reimbursed on site upon presentation of original documents.

Your hotel will be booked and paid directly by the GHF Secretariat.


Invitation letter for visa application

You might need an invitation letter for your visa application. The form to request an invitation letter is included in the GHF 2018 Travel Grant application form and has to be sent to the same e-mail address.


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