Using geographic information tools to tackle global health challenges

CartONG is a non-profit association set up in 2006 by cartographers who wanted to improve the way aid agencies were using maps and geographic information. It has since expanded and now offers many innovative tools of information management, mapping, analysis and communication to aid organizations.

Geography cannot save lives, but it can have a tremendous impact when put in the right hands. CartONG’s main aim is therefore to support organizations and people who are saving lives, improving livelihoods and protecting the environment around the world so that they can do it better and on a greater scale.

Our experts and volunteers support our partners on different aspects of humanitarian action and development, including for instance outbreaks tracking for Doctors Without Borders, nutrition surveillance surveys for UNHCR, assessing risk in health centres with Terre des Hommes, or mapping the health facilities with the Netherlands & DRC Red Cross societies.

Working with local communities and focusing on the capacity of local staff is key to us, since it is a prerequisite for developing projects that are sustainable and meet the needs of the people we are serving. We are also strong advocates of information sharing, open data and pooling resources.

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