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Multifunctional Cutting Edge Medical Platform

Two interconnected mobile Apps for Doctors & patients

«Doctor’s Manual» is a platform for healthcare specialists, which may be used all over the world.
It is an App which has different sections such as top medical news, manuals (national medical standards, medical handbooks, lab values, TNM manual and others), library, access to clinical recommendations, quizzes and learning resources center. Nowadays we have more than 350 000 active users.
Doctors stay up-to-date in their specialization, share important information with colleagues, ask for a second opinion, get an access to profiles of their patients and fasten the time for taking a clinically-weighted decision, which leads to improved efficiency of treatment and cost saving healthcare.
«My Health» App is developed to fulfill the needs of any person who wants to stay healthy, control health status or just learn more about healthy lifestyle. User may control changes in vital parameters sharing the results with a doctor, read medical news, pass different tests for early prediction of different diseases and control drug taking with reminders of time of an intake and prescribed dose.
Both Apps are connected (for doctors and patients communication) to provide telemedical services.

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