Smart cloud medical IDs and data storage systems

QRepublik is a French-Russian company that develops cloud based systems of medical data storage and AI-based analysis and smart medical IDs since 2014. QRepublik as the main product produces non-electronic smart medical and tourist ID systems for people with disabilities, medical tourism and other use-cases. QRepublik IDs provide medical and contact information about a person from a personal cloud profile in emergency situations, notifies relatives and translates data into a local language. Our own systems of medical data analysis allows us to understand what is saved in different languages, forms and context. QRepublik products are used by more than 50 000 people in the USA, Russia, Turkey and Israel. Partner list contains retirement houses, social services, charity funds, clinics, insurances, tourist organizations and telemedicine services. Our company is not about the ID itself but more about the ecosystem of medical data management.

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