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Visual – ITF : Making anesthesia safer

Precisely informing the anesthetist about curare effects and residues

Context :
Anesthesia and use of curare based muscle relaxant

Addressed problem :
Today: At least 10% of patients at risk not being fit enough to be awakened
Criticality: Minor complications to fatal (i.e. related to insufficient autonomy for breathing and for swallowing).

Limitation of today’s solutions: too many false negative (>14%) !

Visual ITF A next generation innovation to cause a breakthrough.
Visual ITF (Isometric Thumb Force) is a medical device consisting of an ergonomic sensing handgrip with high precision, a highly sensitive electronic readout and a user friendly optimized software for signal recording and analysis.
The outstanding performance of Visual ITF significantly improves the pertinence of residual curare tests. Using absolute measurements it detects additional parameters that will strongly reduce false negative. Example of increased pertinence: comparison to nominal response or reference signal from the patient before curare application - a totally new and unique feature

Impact :
Strong reduction of curare related complications
Security jump for the practitioner

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Hepia, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Philippe Passeraub, Laboratory of Bioinstrumentation and Microengineering:

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